Our Curriculum

  • Offers a hands on approach
  • Classes are tailored to your child’s individual needs
  • We recognize each child’s unique talents
  • Each child works at his/her own pace and is carefully guided toward independent learning
  • We offer optional extracurricular activites
  • Before and after school care is available
  • A bright, pleasant, spacious environment awaits you child
  • A large private fenced in outdoor area and playground


At Montessori Children’s World, children and families experience and individualized education that builds the foundation for a lifetime of success and love of learning through specialized teachers, lessons and materials.  We provide a well-rounded, educational and developmental experience that is based on Montessori principles.  We server children preschool through kindergarten. (ages 3 – 6).


We Strive to Help Children

  • Develop a positive attitude towards school and learning
  • Build concentration to develop learning skills
  • Foster inner discipline and sense of order
  • Develop high self esteem and confidence



Montessori Children’s world was founded for the purpose of providing educational curriculum based on the methods and educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.  the Montessori philosophy recognized that a child’s early years are the most formative and that a child’s ability to acquire knowledge is enhanced through the manipulation of concrete material.  Our carefully prepared environment is structured to meet the individual needs of each child allowing children to progress at their own pace.  the Montessori curriculum is designed to provide materials and activities to furnish unlimited sources of discovery.  Our goal is to enable children not only to develop an appreciation for learning but to also develop to their highest emotional, physical and intellectual potential.

Our Staff

Our knowledgeable teachers and assistants are certified and/or trained in the Montessori Method of teaching.

Montessori preschool teachers are guides, rather than instructors, striving to create an environment in which children learn to gain independence by building their confidence, self esteem and respect for others.

About Us

We introduce the child to the joy of learning by providing a framework in which intellectual and social discipline can develop.   We are dedicated to a challenging and nurturing educational atmosphere promoted by the Montessori philosophy.

We encourage the child to become an independent learner by allowing children choice in their work.  The child’s decisions are expected to reflect a sense of responsibility.  The child is helped by the teacher who is firm and consistent yet patient and gentle.

Our program is enriching and challenging to foster the child’s emotional and social growth.

Montessori education is the best foundation you can provide for your child’s future.

  • Pre-school through kindergarten (ages 3 – 6)
  • Individualized attention with high academic standards
  • Low student – teacher ratio
  • Safe and quiet atmosphere
  • Respectful and courteous environment
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Flexible programs to fit family’s needs
  • A secure supervised private outdoor area and playground

We encourage interested families to call for a tour during school hours.  (219) 779-3917